Victoria's Story

I've always loved numbers, but I never dreamed my passion for numbers would grow into not only a full-time career in Corporate America, but also pave the way to entrepreneurship.


In 2006, after serving honorably in the United States Navy, I decided to enroll in a course with H&R Block to learn about taxes out of curiosity.


A couple of years later, I landed a job with the Internal Revenue Service as an employee within Taxpayer Advocate Service Division. Taxpayer Advocate Service is just what it sounds like.  A place where IRS employees work independently to provide a free service to taxpayers who were unable to get their issues resolved through the normal channels. There I received communication and tax law training, and learned ways to maneuver within the IRS to get various Taxpayer problems solved. I hit GOLD! I worked with directly with individuals or their representatives i.e. Tax Attorneys, CPA’s and Enrolled Agents.


From there I moved to the Taxpayer Assistance Center. I quickly began to build on my tax law knowledge and understood how to interpret it on a more advanced level. I rapidly built relationship, gained the trust and admiration of the taxpayers in the community. 


In 2016, unfortunately but fortunately I left IRS, but it did not leave me. My desire to continue in my love for taxes and tax law prompted me to research steps on how to birth my very own Tax and Accounting Business.  I started by reaching out to several veteran and other local owned business resources for guidance and proactively advanced into entrepreneurship.


I stay abreast of the changes in tax law, policies, practices and participate in educational courses which allow me to offer my clients the best and most up to date services at an affordable price.


I am Victoria Watson, a college graduate who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I am a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and member of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA).

-Victoria Watson

VW Tax & Accounting Service

4712 Main St. Ste 205

Lisle, IL 60532 (e)

(331) 431-9129 (p)

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